“5 Deadly Sins of Selling your unwanted gold””


“5 Deadly Sins of Selling your unwanted gold””

“5 Deadly Sins of Selling your gold & Silver”


Got unwanted or broken gold ring’s, bracelets, watches, coins or bars? There are plenty of people who would love to help you turn them into cash, but who can you trust?

Here is the truth that most people in gold buying business don’t want you to know!

These are the original 5 deadly sins of selling your unwanted gold, silver, unused jewellery, coins, flatware and more……..

Sin # 1 Sell your unwanted gold to a pawn shop – It’s a fact that most pawn shops offer the lowest rates on your gold, period! Some national pawnshop chains have a policy to never give out more than 40% of your gold’s value. I had a client just a day before this article was written who had taken his gold to a pawnshop. Guess what they offered him, $50! For the same amount of gold I was happy to give him $160, over three times the amount of the pawn shop.

Sin # 2 Gold Buyers Most gold buyers aren’t any better! A lot of people that are advertising to buy your gold or silver items are looking to make a huge buck at your expense. This is usually because they have high over head like expensive newspaper advertising, television commercials and even paying some guy to dress as a giant gold bar, seriously!

Most of these gold buying companies will pay you maybe 60% value of your gold if you’re lucky.

Sin # 3 Trusting Jewellers to give you top dollar – Even if you have a jewellery store you do a lot of business with, these people still have high overhead like the others types of buyers so you might get 60%, maybe a little more if you’re lucky.

Sin # 4. Sending your gold to national companies or refiners – These companies or refiners claim to give you up to 95% value however there are a lot of  pitfall’s which are:

-you have to send in your gold and hope it makes there without being stolen, even if it’s insured, losing your package can be a huge hassle. Did you know that most courier companies insurance specifically excludes preceious metals, even if you bought insurance they won’t let you claim it. Check the fine print…….

-Refiners can get very busy, they may claim a quick turnaround but in reality
they work on first come first serve and often times it can take 5 weeks to get your money. If you need cash in your pocket today, this not going to help you.

-For a small shipment, meaning if your not a dealer with a huge lot to sell they’ll
hit you with assay fees, gem removal fees etc which can make your payout a lot less than
what they claim.

Sin # 5. Not being involved in the process. Most buyers of your gold won’t get you involved in the appraisal process of your gold or explain how it works, this leaves you vulnerable to be taken advantage of . At the very least you want to see see them weigh your gold or silver right in front of you.

Make sure, before you sell your gold you ask the right questions to avoid being taken advantage of. If your located in the Edmonton area let me explain how I think I can help you avoid these deadly mistakes most people make…..

How to avoid these 5 deadly gold selling mistakes

.My company Aaronbuysgold is local to the Edmonton Area. Myself or someone from my team, can meet you anywhere in the city and you’re going to get great, friendly service, not some some old crank with a light strapped to his head, don’t ask!…. plus:

-Up to 85% of your item gold or silver content value, which is way more then pawnshops, jewelers and gold buyers. Sometimes more, I am flexible depending on your item, See, I have almost no overhead and I operate on high volume and low margins.

– Your items will be inspected and appraised right in front of your eyes, you can place them on the scale and see what they weigh, and watch me test them for gold and silver purity on the spot. Everything is transparent and above board.

-I charge no assay fees and I pay you cash on the spot! I pay almost as much as the refiners pay to the general public but you don’t wait 5 weeks to get your money. You get cash right now!

Don’t get ripped off! It’s not that all pawn shops, jewelers or other gold buyers are bad people, most of the time it’s that they just can’t pay top rates and still make a profit.

Call me for a quote right now at 780-628-6598 and get top price and quick cash for all gold, silver and diamonds.

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