Coin Spotlight Series: Mexico Gold libertads

The Mexico Gold Libertad is a gold bullion coin (kind of) that was introduced in 1981 and is issued under the authority of Banco de México .  The gold pieces are sold in 1/20, 1/10, 1/4, 1/2, and 1 troy ounce (ozt) weights.                        . This image below shows a modern 2016 version of ...

Coin Spotlight Series: Australia Gold Nugget

The Australian Gold Nugget is a gold bullion coin produced by the Perth Mint.  The coin is made in the following weights 1/20 oz, 1/10 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/2 oz, 1 oz, 2 oz, 10 oz, and 1 kg of 24 carat gold. The coin has legal tender status in Australia and is one of the rare few legal tender bullion gold coins in the world to change their design annually, another being the Chinese Gold Panda.  …


Coin Spotlight Series: Gold Philharmonic

The Vienna Philharmonic is a gold bullion coin issued by the Austrian Mint (Münze Österreich AG).  This one troy ounce (ozt) gold version was first introduced in 1989 with a face value of 2,000 Austrian schillings (ATS) but since 2002 has changed to a face value of €100. Value 100 € Mass 31.103 g Diameter 37.0 mm Thickness 2.0 mm Edge reeded Composition 99.99% gold Gold 1.000 troy oz Years of minting …