A Post Brexit gold & silver update from Aaron

A little update on the state of the precious metals markets since Britain held their referendum on June 23,2016 . On that date the majority voted for the country to leave the EU (European Union). Which of course is a union of about 28 countries in the region who encourage trade and movement among the …


Popular Gold Bullion Coins of the world – Aaron Buys Gold overview.

A bullion coin if you don’t yet know, generally means a piece of gold, silver or platinum that is issued by a world government, bears a face value on the coin and is legal tender in the country of issue. Compare this to gold bars or gold rounds which can be minted by governments or …


Gold Vs. Silver – Which to buy as an investment.

At my retail store – I get many new investor’s and even experienced ones asking what is better to buy as an investment, gold or silver? Or how about platinum and palladium. The focus of this little blog post will be the two metals I sell the most of which are gold and silver, I …


How to avoid buy fake and gold & silver bullion

A question I am frequently asked is “how do I know I’m buying real bullion coins and bars?” I  love questions like this because it gives me a chance to educate my customers on what I do as a professional bullion dealer to ensure the authenticity of the product I sell.  These are techniques you …


All about gold stamps – what do they mean?

Welcome to Aaron’s fun-filled encyclopedia of gold stamps! Fun for the whole family – Seriously though, if you’ve ever wanted to know what the stamps on all your gold or silver means then you’ve come to the right place because I have compiled a serious list. It took my outsourced cheap, third-world labour days to compile this list …


95% of Success in Investing is just showing up

Last Wednesday night I had a long flight back from California with 2 children and is it just me, or do toddlers scream louder the minute you get on an airplane? I’m talking like 160 decibels, here and I’m pretty sure United Airlines has banned us for life. Anyway’s after 3 hours of my children …


200 Day Moving average of Gold: How to predict the best times to buy

I was recently turned on to the idea of using moving averages to finding buying opportunity in the gold and silver markets. The idea is to increase your gold and silver holdings when the metal of your choice (mines silver by the way) is trading below the 200 day (200 SMA) moving average or as it starts …


How does everyone in town pay the highest price for gold?

Apparently some companies that offer cash for gold are pyscis, I mean pyschic, nope that’s not it, psychic!  There we go. Gotta love when the spell check isn’t working properly. Anyway’s back on topic, what I mean is that according to their advertising claims, they all seem to some how magically know that they pay …


Why gold could go to the moon

I have to admit the past year performance of gold and silver has been a little depressing. But have faith gold bugs, have you taken a look at the stock market lately? I think I can sum up my thoughts very simply on this one.   -Greatest upward run of the stock market in history …


Buying gold and silver heavily

It is my prediction that the market will open this afternoon and begin to trend upwards. If it does I will by buying heavily, in the last few years gold has always bounced off that $1200 USD support level. If it doesn’t break it soon, we could see a significant move higher at least in …

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