How to Order with Aaron Buys Gold: Canadian Bullion Dealer

Aarons Buys Gold Ltd is a Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium bullion, coin and bars dealer in the Edmonton Area
Canadian Gold Maple Coin
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Aaron Buys Gold is a BBB accredited and leading Gold, Silver and precious metals  bullion dealer in the Edmonton area. Operating from a suburban location we offer prices and service on bullion products that city centre dealers can’t beat and we have No hidden fees and 0% comission on our prices because what you see is, what you pay!

Order Bullion Products for local pickup or shipping by calling our order lines to speak to a trader or visit our store directly.

Edmonton Local780-628-6895

Canada Toll-Free 1-866-549-7747

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Local Price Guarantee: Aaron Buys Gold is dedicated to being the most competitive bullion dealer in the Edmonton Area. We will match to the penny, the live, on website advertised “all in price” of any bullion dealer with a physical store location within 80 km of Edmonton city center. “All in price” means the price after the respective competitors shipping and insurance charges if any have been added to their listed price. Aaron Buys Gold retains the right to suspend its Local Price Guarantee during times of extreme market volatility and supply disruption. This is done only to ensure sustainability during times of otherwise high market risk and a resumption of the Local Price Guarantee will follow as soon as markets have themselves resumed normal trading. This guarantee excludes non-dealers who use commission based pricing instead of industry standard product premiums.

Immediate and Future Delivery Options

In Store Immediate Purchase: Simply visit our retail location and pay the quoted rate for immediate delivery. We accept cash, debit, certified funds and you take your product with you, same day. The listed rate for all bullion includes the cash discount price of -3%, however credit card purchases do not. Established customers with “lock-in” privileges may phone us to lock in a market price and then must pay for their order within 48 Hours as shown in our lock-in policy below.

Future Orders: Future Orders may be placed in store or by phone. Future delivery prices are at a substantial discount to immediate purchases because we do not have keep as large of a inventory and include volume discounts.

Future orders must be paid at time of order and normal delivery time is 2 weeks however if you order near the end of of cycle, your order will arrive sooner.

Future orders can be picked up at our store on the delivery date free of charge or shipped to you at an additional cost. Minimum quantity for future delivery is 50 ounces of Silver or 1 ounce of Gold. We may accept but have the right to decline future orders placed on Saturday or anytime when the market or Canadian Banks are closed.

Live Bullion Pricing Information

Pricing: Our live market prices for our products change every 15 minutes when the market is open. Pricing is very accurate, but an indication. Final price is determined at time of order by your trader. For large orders over $50,000 contact us to discuss pricing. The online price chart shows our prices for immediate delivery at the top and future delivery prices towards the bottom.

Volume Discounts

Future orders include volume discounts starting at 1 ounce of gold and 50 ounces of Silver. Aaron Buys Gold is competitive on large bullion orders, we encourage you to contact us to discuss your large order. Because we carry limited stock there is no volume discount on immediate delivery bullion. Discounts are applied across all product categories, for example 50 silver maples and 50 rounds would qualify for the 100 ounce discount level.

Shipping & Local Pickup

You may order from and ship bullion to almost anywhere in Canada. Shipping costs may be flat rate, free, or dependent on weight, dimensions and destination. All shipping methods always include insurance, tracking, and a signature upon delivery. To obtain an accurate, real-time quote, contact us via Phone with your address and postal code. We reserve the right to modify the shipping cost after the order is placed. Should this happen we will provide advanced notification and allow you the option of canceling your order. For optimal delivery we reserve the right to ship with any method we choose and can change that method at anytime, even after order. Insurance will be voided for any changes to a shipment in transit (including re-directions, holds, waiving of signature requirement).

Payment Terms

Cash: We accept Cash, Bank Draft/Certified Funds, interac e-transfer and debit cards. Use of credits cards for the purchase of bullion is discouraged however we are on of the only local dealers that will accept up to $3000 by credit card. Credit card purchased do not include the cash discount and will be charged at 3% more our normal bullion rates. We reserve the right to restrict or decline credit card purchases without reason.

Your Privacy

Your privacy is very important to us. Purchasing Bullion in-store for immediate or future delivery requires little to no personal information. Aaron Buys Gold Ltd does not report your purchases to the government with the exception of cash transactions over $10,000 within 24 hours as regulated by Canada’s Anti-money laundering agency FINTRAC.

Locking Prices & Order Placement

Placement of Bullion Order: Placing an order for bullion with Aaron Buys Gold Ltd Creates a Binding Legally Enforceable Agreement between us and you – NO CANCELLATIONS! When you place an order with us, we are locking in the purchase of that product with our suppliers to maintain our inventory levels.As such, we are entitled to and will rely on your verbal or electronic promise to pay us for your bullion order. In furtherance of this, once you have placed a bullion order with us, either over the telephone, in-person or through other means, you create a binding legally enforceable agreement to pay for your bullion product order.

Locking prices: For customers with who we have a relationship or in certain circumstances we may lock in a purchase price to paid at a later date at the current market price. A customer who has locked in a price, can not cancel their order regardless of the market changing. They must still purchase at the agreed price regardless of the market going up or down. We will lock the price for a maximum of 48 Hours and we have the right to suspend lock-in privileges for anyone, at any time for any reason.