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Aaron Buys Gold Local Price Match Gurantee

Gold Silver Platinum Palladium Exchange
bid $1689.57 / ask $1692.84 bid $21.09 / ask $21.32 bid $1267.25 / ask $1283.6 bid $1320.04 / ask $1331.39 bid $0.7875 / ask $0.79
Gold Silver Platinum Palladium Exchange
bid $1330.55 / ask $1,332.55 bid $16.61 / ask $16.71 bid $997.97 / ask $1,007.97 bid $1039.54 / ask $1,049.54 bid $1.2698 / ask $1.27230


Silver Bullion
In-Stock 1 OUNCE SILVER EAGLE $29.11
In-Stock 1 OUNCE SILVER ROUND $24.14
In Stock 1 OUNCE SILVER BAR $24.58
In-Stock 5 OUNCE SILVER BAR $124.43
In-Stock 10 OUNCE SILVER BAR $233.84
Call Us 100 OUNCE SILVER BAR $2,300.18
Phone US 100 GRAM COMBI BAR $147.54
In-Stock JUNK 80% SILVER CANADA $1 BAG $15.26
In-Stock JUNK 90% SILVER USA $1 BAG $24.48
Gold, Platinum and Palladium
Call 1 GRAM GOLD BAR $80.47
In-stock 1 OUNCE GOLD MAPLE LEAF $1,775.74
In-Stock 1 OUNCE GOLD BAR $1,762.01
Call 1/2 OUNCE GOLD MAPLE LEAF $934.79
Call 1/4 OUNCE GOLD MAPLE LEAF $485.22
Call 1/10 OUNCE GOLD MAPLE LEAF $204.11
Call 1/20 OUNCE GOLD MAPLE LEAF $107.07
Call 10 GRAM GOLD BAR $616.61
Phone us 1 Ounce Platinum Maple Leaf $1,381.35
Phone us 1 Ounce Platinum Bar $1,355.77
Phone us 1 Oz Palladium Bar $1,411.93
Phone us 1 Oz Palladium Maple Leaf $1,438.57
In-Stock 1/10 Oz Rhodium Bar $195.00

Future Orders

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(Future orders are minimum 50 Ounces of Silver or 1 Ounce gold, are prepaid and can be picked up in store for free or shipped to you for an additional charge)

Silver Bullion - Coins, Bars & Rounds Volume Pricing - Future Orders

  Mints 50+ oz Discount 100+ Oz Discount 500+ oz Discount 1000+ oz Discount 2,000+ oz Discount 5,000+ oz Discount 10,000+ oz Discount
Maple Leaf Royal Canadian Mint $24.75 $24.65 $24.50 $24.40 $24.35 $24.30 $24.25
1/2 Ounce Fiji Taku New Zealand $12.85 $12.72 $12.67 $12.62 $12.59 $12.56 $12.51
1 Ounce Rnd A-mark, Sunshine/other $23.14 $23.04 $22.89 $22.79 $22.74 $22.69 $22.64
1 Ounce Bar Sunshine,OPM/Other $23.53 $23.43 $23.28 $23.27 $23.21 $23.16 $23.11
5 Ounce. Bar Golden State/Other $121.97 $120.65 $120.39 $120.13 $119.86 $119.34 $118.82
10 Ounce Bar Sunshine, A-MARK, NTR $230.00 $229.00 $227.50 $226.50 $226.00 $225.50 $225.00
100 Ounce. Bar JM, RCM, Various --- $2,257.00 $2,247.00 $2,238.00 $2,233.00 $2,228.00 $2,223.00
1000 Ounce Bar Johnson Matthey/Other $22,292.93 $22,240.42 $22,187.92 $22,135.42

Gold Bullion Coins & Bars

1-9 oz. 10 oz.+ 50 oz.+ 100 oz.+
Maple Leaf $1,756.79 $1,754.36 $1,751.93 $1,749.47
1 oz. bar $1,741.70 $1,739.27 $1,736.84 $1,734.41
Gold Panda $1,875.42 $1,856.82 $1,847.60 $1,846.71
US Gold Buffalo $1,829.56 $1,812.67 $1,799.39 $1,790.94

Platinum Bullion

1-9 oz. 10 oz.+ 50 oz.+ 100 oz.+
Maple Leaf $1,368.79 $1,362.40 $1,356.00 $1,352.80
1 oz. bar $1,343.21 $1,336.81 $1,330.42 $1,327.22

Palladium Bullion

1-9 oz. 10 oz.+ 50 oz.+ 100 oz.+
Maple Leaf $1,425.55 $1,418.89 $1,412.23 $1,408.90
1 oz. bar $1,398.91 $1,392.25 $1,385.59 $1,382.26

Buy Gold & Silver Bullion in the Edmonton Area and Canada Wide

Why Buy Gold & Silver Bullion?

Gold & Silver have been used as money and a long term store of value for thousands of years. When you buy gold or silver, you are buying two of the world's most stable assets. Gold is a traditional safe haven investment and a perfect way to diversify your portfolio. Gold prices, as well as silver prices typically move independent of stocks and financial markets, which means that if the stock market goes down in value, gold generally will rise.

No counter party risk is also a unique feature of Physical gold and silver because and they have historically held their purchasing power. A steady demand for these precious metals is always available due to Central banks, institutional investors, and retail investors/collectors who invest in gold & silver. It's this demand that enables both gold and silver to retain their value well into the future.

Gold & Silver Coins

Gold & Silver coins are produced by government mints and are distinguished from gold & silver rounds by being legal tender in the country of issue. To make them legal tend, coins will have a face value. For example the Canadian Gold & Silver maple leaf coins have face values of $50 and $5 Respectively. Keep in mind these coins are sold for much more than the face value due to their instrinsic metal content.

Gold & Silver coins typically have a slightly higher premium than gold & Silver bars due to the extra fabrication costs involved in production. When the spot price of gold and silver increase, the price of gold & silver coins will also increase. Investors can buy pure gold & Silver coins in sizes ranging from 1 gram to 1 Kilogram.

Gold & Silver Bars (Ingots) 

Gold & Silver Bars, sometimes refered to as ingots are produced by both government mints and private mints. Gold & Silver bars range in size from as small as 1 gram, all the way up to a 400 oz London good delivery bar. Gold bars typically carry serial numbers, and most bars 1 oz or smaller usually come in a tamper-proof certicard that contains assay information, the signature of the Chief Assayer as well as a serial number that matches the number stamped on the bar. Serial numbers can be useful if the gold bars are being held in a trust or in storage.

Silver bars do not typically come with assay certificates.

Lower fabrication costs means lower prices for bars than for coins or rounds. This allows you to accumulate gold & silver at a lower cost per ounce and maximize your return on investment in physical gold & silver. When the spot price of gold & Silver increase, the price of your gold & silver bars will also increase.

Gold & Silver Rounds

Gold & Silver rounds are produced by private mints. They feature craftsmanship that is similary than that of government mints, once difference is  they do not carry a face value and cannot be used as legal tender.

Private mints carry a greater selection of designs in terms of the subject matter and images stamped on the rounds and many are very creative with beautiful and interesting designs. Gold & Silver rounds can be purchased in sizes from 1/10 oz and up.


Gold & Silver Bullion Pricing

Gold & Silver Spot Price

The spot price of Gold & Silver is the basis for determining pricing when you want to buy gold & silver bullion. Aaron Buys Gold prices our products off of gold & silver spot prices, using an accurate up to date feed which updates our price page every 15 minutes when the market is open.

You can view the current gold & silver spot prices at the top of our live pricing  page on our website. The gold & silver spot prices are drawn from a  “live” feed and updated on our website every 15 minutes, when the global markets are open.

You can order products by phoning us and locking in a price to take advantage of temporary price fluctuations or simply show up at our Edmonton area gold & silver bullion retail store to make your purchase using cash, debit card, or bank draft. Or order over the phone using Interac E-transfer or Wire Transfer. 

Buy Gold & Silver Bullion Today in Edmonton or Canada Wide

Aaron Buys Gold is located is the #1 BBB accredited and trusted silver and gold bullion dealer located in the Edmonton Area. We provide you with competitive, accurate pricing and with our physical location for your assurance we make sure your precious metals are delivered to you in person at our store our we ship silver and gold buller to your door discreetly and fully insured.



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