Precious Metals Storage Solutions Edmonton Alberta

Aaron Buys Gold Ltd is Edmonton Area’s leading precious metals and coin dealer. We will soon be offering Storage solutions for all precious metals, rare coins and more for those that don’t wish to hold physical metals at their own location.

For some storing gold, silver and other “hard assets” at home can be a challenge. Security is definitely a considering, where do you store your metal? Do you purchase an expensive vault? Or hide them somewhere and hope that no one finds them in a break-in. Aaron Buys gold will be partnering with a very old and established security company to offer segregated storage of hard assets in their Edmonton, Alberta vault. Your items will be segregated from other customers in their own locked section of the facility and you can withdraw your exact items at anytime and yearly 3rd party audits are provided for your peace of mind. If you wish to sell your inventory, Aaron Buys Gold Ltd will purchase your precious metals without you needing to take delivery first.

For more information on “hard asset” segregated storage including availability and prices phone us at 780-628-6895 or visit our retail store in Sherwood Park for more information.

Security Notice: We do not store precious metals items at our retail or company owned facilities, our main inventory and storage customers inventory is stored at an armored and armed facility run by the world’s leading security company. We keep small minimum amounts of metal for over the counter purchases in a time delayed safe.