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A 1 Oz platinum maple leaf coinj
A 1 Oz platinum maple leaf coinj

1 Oz Platinum Maple Leaf

Invest in Platinum Bullion with this trusted 1 Oz coin minted by the Canadian Government. Get a live Price For 1 Oz Platinum Maple Leafs


Product Description

Along with the Gold Maple Leaf, the Platinum Maple Leaf has become one of the world’s most popular platinum coins. Platinum is a much rarer metal than gold, and the number of countries coining platinum for the bullion market is smaller than that for gold. All platinum maple leafs show an image of a maple leaf on one side and Queen Elizabeth on the other side. Fractional sizes come sealed in plastic from the mint.

What started out as a simple program of issuing bullion coins has led to the release of some of our rarest modern coins. Some of the platinum coins are believed to have had a mintage of 1200 coins or less, making date collecting a difficult if not impossible challenge. As no attention was paid to the mintage figures during release, these low mintage coins could potentially have been shipped anywhere in the world, and sold to investors who don’t know about the low mintage dates. Therefore a lot of these low mintage dates are largely permanently off the market, or being held as speculation lots by a selected few. Many believe platinum to be the precious metal of the future, as currently more than 20,000 different consumer products require platinum for their production. Premiums over the price of platinum increase each time the size of the coin gets smaller. And, damaged or unsealed coins trade at lower prices. One ounce coins do not come sealed.


These platinum maple leafs are not readily kept in stock for walk-in pickup but if you come down and pay for them, we can have them delivered quickly.

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