95% of Success in Investing is just showing up


95% of Success in Investing is just showing up

95% of Success in Investing is just showing up

Last Wednesday night I had a long flight back from California with 2 children and is it just me, or do toddlers scream louder the minute you get on an airplane? I’m talking like 160 decibels, here and I’m pretty sure United Airlines has banned us for life. Anyway’s after 3 hours of my children trying to dismantle the planes oxygen system and arriving home at 2AM I was pretty tired and to be perfectly honest, did not feel like opening my store the next morning, however I did and guess what?  It turned out to be a pretty great and productive day. All I had to do was show up and go through the motions.

It’s true what they say, 95% of success is just showing up. Maybe the actual saying is 80% of success is showing up, I don’t really remember. But showing up and just doing something every day has a lot to do with success in any thing don’t you think?

The same applies to investing in gold & silver. You don’t have to do it perfectly, you just need to do it.

You can’t afford to invest a lot? That’s okay buy small amounts regularly – Just show up.

You don’t know what to buy? Get expert advice, do some research, talk to me – Just Show Up.

Your scared of not buying at the right price? Research Dollar cost averaging – You get the idea.

95% of success in investing in precious metals or anything else is to JUST SHOW UP, and make a start, do something towards securing your families financial future against the economic uncertainty in this world. Remember that gold and silver are an insurance policy against devaluation of the dollar and ravaging inflation that destroys the purchasing power of those paper bills. So get clear about why you want to buy gold and silver, make a plan and just show up to execute that plan and you’ll have success.








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