Why gold could go to the moon


Why gold could go to the moon

Why gold could go to the moon

I have to admit the past year performance of gold and silver has been a little depressing. But have faith gold bugs, have you taken a look at the stock market lately? I think I can sum up my thoughts very simply on this one.


-Greatest upward run of the stock market in history ending now as we speak, why?

-Lack of faith in the market, but mostly baby boomers who drove the market up with their retirement investing have ¬†reached the age where they are forced to withdraw those investments from the market. Over the next 10 years the greatest section of the population will be selling their investments…

-More people selling stocks then buying, means market goes down….

– Stock Market crashing wildly means people panic.

-Panic is good

-People seek safe assets like cash, government bonds (groan), and GOLD & SILVER

-More people getting out of stocks into GOLD & SILVER means GOLD &SILVER go up to level well past there 1980’s highs.

I’m a simple man, I don’t need charts to know where gold and silver are headed. Just the knowledge that the stock market has been on the greatest bull run in history, now baby boomers are about to withdraw from the market guaranteed, you can’t stop age and retirement. Time keeps passing.

When the inevitable crash happens, Gold & silver will be the safe haven. I could be totally wrong, but I’m placing some bets that I’m right.


That’s all for now.


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