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Gold Vs. Silver – Which to buy as an investment.

At my retail store – I get many new investor’s and even experienced ones asking what is better to buy as an investment, gold or silver? Or how about platinum and palladium. The focus of this little blog post will be the two metals I sell the most of which are gold and silver, I …


Aaron Education Series: Buying precious Metals Private Vs Dealer

  One question people ask me from time to time is, why should I buy my silver and gold through a dealer instead of just buying privately off say Kijiji or Craigslist? Occasionally you’ll see amateur dealers pop up on these internet classified sites or sometimes it’s just a private person who is selling off …


  Did you know that Aaron Buys Gold Ltd is one of the largest dealers of a variety of silver & Gold bullion in Northern Alberta? And we have  a retail location right in the Edmonton area You can walk into our Edmonton area store and purchase silver, gold platinum and palladium bullion on the spot or order bullion for future delivery and pick up ...