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200 Day Moving average of Gold: How to predict the best times to buy

I was recently turned on to the idea of using moving averages to finding buying opportunity in the gold and silver markets. The idea is to increase your gold and silver holdings when the metal of your choice (mines silver by the way) is trading below the 200 day (200 SMA) moving average or as it starts …


Aaron Education Series: Buying precious Metals Private Vs Dealer

  One question people ask me from time to time is, why should I buy my silver and gold through a dealer instead of just buying privately off say Kijiji or Craigslist? Occasionally you’ll see amateur dealers pop up on these internet classified sites or sometimes it’s just a private person who is selling off …


We buy/sell Indian and middle eastern gold Jewelry in Edmonton

Aaron Buys Gold is a specialist buyer of Indian and middle eastern jewelry in the Edmonton Area. You can sell Indian and Middle eastern gold at our retail location in Sherwood Park, no appointment needed, click here. It’s important to know that most middle eastern jewelry such as bangles, earrings, rings and necklaces are often …


How to Sell British Gold Sovereign coins in Edmonton, Aaron Buys Gold Ltd

Aaron Buys Gold is a large buyer of British gold sovereign coins in the Edmonton Area. You can sell gold sovereigns at our Edmonton area retail store located in Sherwood Park.We’ll buy full sovereigns and half sovereigns of any date and of any quantity. What is a gold sovereign you ask? Lets consult the “old” …


How to Sell Gold Coins

We buy a lot of gold coins in Edmonton and Calgary every week. I get asked a lot what is this coin, or that coin worth? I wanted to write about some of the different types of Gold Coins I buy and give you idea of what you might get, if you sell your gold …