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Popular Gold Bullion Coins of the world – Aaron Buys Gold overview.

A bullion coin if you don’t yet know, generally means a piece of gold, silver or platinum that is issued by a world government, bears a face value on the coin and is legal tender in the country of issue. Compare this to gold bars or gold rounds which can be minted by governments or …


Aaron’s Gold & Silver Weekly Oct10/13: Gold Rush

Friday Oct 11th we had a bit of a “gold rush” at our coin & bullion the store in Sherwood Park, here.  We were selling about 3 or 4 times more gold then we normally would. The spot price of gold closed Friday at about $1318.00 CAD which was down about $27 for the day. …


How to Sell British Gold Sovereign coins in Edmonton, Aaron Buys Gold Ltd

Aaron Buys Gold is a large buyer of British gold sovereign coins in the Edmonton Area. You can sell gold sovereigns at our Edmonton area retail store located in Sherwood Park.We’ll buy full sovereigns and half sovereigns of any date and of any quantity. What is a gold sovereign you ask? Lets consult the “old” …